Community support by group storytelling

Storytelling has been popular for many years and allows to share your experiences with other people. The power of storytelling is really amazing and serves many organizations as a part of management strategy and facilitates building business relations. It also helps to form relations, is conductive to building your own brand and brings the people from the same community together. A curiosity is that Jonathan Silk – the officer of American Army used digital storytelling to share a certain story with his community. For this inconspicuous gesture he was awarded Pepperdine Award in 2012, which distinguished his role in the development of his community. Jonathan shared his story on the blog and it inspired the members of his community to act. It proves that storytelling is a powerful means in building a community and thanks to it we may inspire other people. Moreover, this is a great way to tell your story, problems and share well-tried solutions.

Usually in the Jonathan’s community, in order to create storytelling, modern video equipment and special edition programs are used. The army appoints a person responsible for editing the records. What is interesting, every year there are 1500 videos lasting from 3 to 5 minutes. These videos are a huge source of inspiration for the community members and simultaneously allow to notice the most commonly made mistakes.

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