Why is it worth to join the community?

CPsquare for many years has been focusing on organizing meetings oriented to learning practical skills. Its main goal is preparing the participants for the creation of their own online educational courses dedicated to the people from the public sector, higher schools and human resources. Their task is to help the participants of the community in educating other people. Such initiative is especially important from the point of view of education and sharing economy. First of all, this is a great opportunity for all the people who in the future want to teach others and convey knowledge in their own online courses.


Why is it worth to be a part of such a great community? First of all, for 10 years they have regularly organized the meetings that aim at common learning of new skills, overcoming the most often made mistakes and searching for possible best solutions. The main aim of such meetings is also releasing the potential of a particular person and checking how he or she deals with cooperation with other community members. In today’s world it is worth to cooperate in order to divide work into smaller or longer periods and simultaneously exchange experiences. Finding a proper group to learn new things is not too difficult. It is enough to determine the range of your interests, have formulated goals that you want to achieve in the next year and continually search for proper solutions that may be helpful both for us and for other participants of the session.

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