What is CPsquare idea?

The idea of CPsquare is mutual motivating to learning new things, achieving determined goals in specific time frame and developing skills in certain areas. The idea came into being in the USA and is somewhat similar to discussion brainstorming, which aims at getting to know the opinions of the community members and drawing important conclusions for the future joint study. Each member shares his or her goals that they want to achieve in the nearest future as well as limitations and others control their progress and try to help by motivating and indicating appropriate ways. Moreover, the members of the community allow to divide tasks from the most important to the ones that can be quit. They help to notice, which activities do not bring the expected results and convince not to lose energy for them.

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Such meetings remind a bit a community of people coming from different environments, who share their ideas and also frequently use the model of sharing economy consisting in sharing skills. These meetings also help to spot the most frequent mistakes made in certain activities and concentrate on the common search for valuable solutions. Moreover, the community members may build personal contacts and learn how to make them last. An additional benefit of participating in such meetings is also contact exchange. The meetings aim at exchanging ideas and are directed towards specific activities so that every participant could draw the conclusions best for his or her own business and protect him or herself from bankruptcy.

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