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... part of the technology for communities project,
started off by the authors of [Digital Habitats], Etienne Wenger, Nancy White, and John D. Smith.


Producing a transcript of an audio recording or video of a community event. Although this is inherently a labor-intensive process, tools can help make it affordable and help volunteers contribute.

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Uses in communities of practice

Sharing a community's content in multiple forms is an excellent way of extending its utility and findability.


  • Together/apart, Synch/Asynch:
  • Interaction/publication:
  • Individual/group:

Key features

New website. Upload videos and use their time-coded transcription software for free. Human/volunteer transcribers still required. Can be used just as easily for audios. 

Watch the tutorial on transcribing and time-coding at: This is the software that TED is using for its transcription and search functions. See this about TED's new translations and interactive transcripts. The latter is what's impressive to us. 

The Myth of Automated Transcription 

Comments from documentary makers on other film transcription and time-coding (TC) software: 

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