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... part of the technology for communities project,
started off by the authors of [Digital Habitats], Etienne Wenger, Nancy White, and John D. Smith.


These pages seek to describe tools that are used by communities of practice, explain how they functions from a community perspective, and suggest why you might select that tool, given your community's orientation and the activities in your community. The pages attempt to define each tool, describe relevant features, the tool's uses in a community of practice, how the polarities can show up, give examples, and point to resources. Although not all pages conform to a standard, we have developed a Tool Description Template that suggests a standard of completeness for tools pages. A Use in Combination Template suggests how tools are used together in a community context.

The pages on this wiki are a companion piece to Digital habitats: stewarding technology for communities by Etienne Wenger, Nancy White and John D. Smith, which provides a conceptual framework for thinking about the tools landscape. The action notebook sketches out a step-by-step process to think through tool selection issues. Once you've thought about what tools might be useful, you can use this collection of wiki pages to think in more detail about available tools and how your community might use them. There are several tools directories that have details about specific products, although many pages here reference useful instances. We hope that these pages can be useful by themselves, especially with contributions from you. Stuff that needs doing is gathered in the project discussion page.

(For information on registration and contributions see Participating in the technology for communities project. Because of the amount of SPAM that turned up on our previous platform, you have to request an account to be able to contribute.)

Like all Wiki collections, these pages are a work in progress. The "community perspective" on these many tools is incomplete by definition. We hope this means that you will add your perspective to what's been gathered so far!

"Complete" pages

The following pages have been edited recently and reflect what we are trying to achieve. You are invited to edit and improve them in the Wiki spirit. If you don't feel like editing the actual wiki page, feel free to use the "discussion" page (tab at the top of each page.)

Pages that need work

The following pages are from an earlier draft and have not been fully revised. Read with a grain of salt, and please edit or comment. Please jump in:


Add items and categories we have missed - or some you think we should explore or include.

Project Templates

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