Religious and spiritual communities conference schedule overview

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Religious and spiritual communities conference
...what they have in common and how they differ. online conference and for CPsquare members held during June, July, and August of 2011.

Here is the list of sessions. The discussions and artifacts are in the CPsquare community space (password protected).

  • Mon Jun 27 - Bill Snyder: Communities of Practice: Organizing for Renewal
  • Wed Jun 29 - Putnam: Prayer request circles vignette from American Grace
  • Tue Jul 5 - Josh Plakoff and Estee Solomon Grey: Isomorphism between Judaism and Communities of Practice
  • Thu Jul 7 - Lisa Colton: the Jewish indie minyan "phenomenon"
  • Tue Jul 12 - Naava Frank: HSChinuch - a community for Judaic high school educators
  • Thu Jul 14 - Devorah Silverman - North American Association of Community and Congregational Hebrew High Schools
  • Wed Jul 20 - Joe Kutter - Supporting Baptist pastors in transition, in reaching out and in general
  • Fri Jul 22 - Cameron Wenaus: Gathering a global Buddhist community on BuddyPress
  • Wed Jul 27 - Paul Gustavson - Communities in the Mormon Church
  • Thu Jul 28 - Jill Blagsedt - Finding a new building for a Shambhala Community - The Boston experience
  • Wed Aug 3 - Sr. Maxine and Julie - an online Catholic community
  • Wed Aug 10 - Frank Daugherity: A Christian community ministering to disaster victims in Japan
  • Thu Aug 11 - Final reflection & review