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Our multiple platforms & venues

CPsquare has grown incrementally over the years: tools and platforms have been added and dropped. This page lists the current sites/tools that we are using. The sites that require an account have a different password and account name since they are not integrated.

Web Crossing

  • URL: http://conversations.cpsquare.org
  • Function: our discussion site and repository for files that are not shared with the public. This is an online forum where we interact with other each and access members-only content. This is the site which people usually mean when they say "see you in CPsquare." Your firstname lastname is your account ID on this platform. You are provided credentials to access this site when you register for an event or join the community at http://admin.cpsquare.org
  • More about this platform and how to access it: CPsquare:Webcrossing account help

Wild Apricot

  • URL: http://admin.cpsquare.org
  • Function: member and event registration, which provides access to other sites. It's not necessary to use this site very frequently. Your email address is the account ID and your password on the admin platform is independent of the one you use on Web Crossing.
  • cpsquare:Wildapricot account help

Word Press

  • URL: http://cpsquare.org
  • Function: CPsquare's news and public information site. It consists of a WordPress blog and a Mediawiki wiki. Accounts on the WordPress blog are used to post on behalf of the community, and any member can request access to help with publishing on behalf of the community.

Media Wiki

Adobe Connect

  • Access details provided inside our Web Crossing site and may change from event to event
  • Functions: Web-based meetings that include video
  • Login as a "guest" unless you are hosting the event
  • We occasionally use a phone bridge with Adobe Connect; the details are announced an event-by-event basis.

Meeting Burner Web Conferencing

  • Access details provided inside our Web Crossing site and may change from event to event
  • Functions: Web meetings that do not include video, telephone conferences
  • The web meeting and the phone bridge tools can be used separately
  • Phone bridge includes free calls from Skype

Google Apps

  • Email, Docs, Calendars for administrative use, workshops, and conferences

COM-PRAC Yahoo Group