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Communities of Practice Bibliography
including books, articles, and videos on theory, practice, examples, and so on...
... usually including comments, assessments, and links.

This purpose of this collection of pointers to (and commentary on) work on communities of practice is to help practitioners and scholars pick out the most important references -- that turn up in many different locations. It is a resource provided by CPsquare that has grown over the years with contributions from many people. It began at then lived at where many members of com-prac contributed to it and was migrated here in December 2008. If you find this resource to be useful, please request an account and add to our collection.

General resources for the whole field

Classics foundational materials, Learning and learning theory, Community ethnographies, Measurement and assessment, Leadership and cultivation, Organizations and KM

Related fields

Ethnography resources, Information Science resources, Innovation , Narrative techniques,


Tools, Technology research, Technolgy for Communities

Case studies in specific organizational or cultural settings

Cases in education, Cases in other settings, Civic Practices & Settings, International development, Education, Healthcare, Open source software, Scientific communities and Pharmaceuticals

Resources in other languages

Resources in Dutch, Resources in French, Resources in Italian, Resources in Portuguese, Resources in Spanish, and Resources in other languages. Also see Translating terms from Digital Habitats.