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... part of the technology for communities project,
started off by the authors of [Digital Habitats], Etienne Wenger, Nancy White, and John D. Smith.



Social networking tools provide network analysis and connection facilities to allow people to understand the community structure and influence it over time. They are often integrated with a variety of other tools including: calendars, chat, presence indicators, group membership, connections finders, expert finders, and community entry pages. Social networking tools allow users to understand the role of the individual in the community by providing information on how they relate to others. Issues addressed by these tools include network discovery and network visualization. These tools range from applications like Friendster, where all the information is provided by people themselves, to tools that silently collect information from a defined population, for example, by reading email headers.

Uses in communities of practice

These tools can be useful for risk reduction and business development. Social networking tools allow the community members to understand how they are linked in a network, allowing any member to visualize the roles of any member within a community. These tools can be particularly important during periods when communities are forming or undergoing the upheaval associated with mergers or acquisitions.


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