Why join CPsquare?

CPsquare is a community of practice. Each of us is involved in applying a community-of-practice approach. As a community of practice ourselves, we are committed to helping each other cultivate high-impact communities. We work together on problems, cases, methodologies. We are committed to pushing the state of the art.

  • A home for community practitioners. CPsquare is the town square for connecting leading community practitioners from around the world–including community coordinators, internal and external consultants, technologists, and executive sponsors. In CPsquare you will find a community dedicated to addressing the range of issues and challenges that you face.
  • Professional development. Learn to develop communities with other practitioners who can help you solve problems, share approaches used in leading firms, and validate your own ideas and innovations. Network with leading practitioners to discover who is doing what and to develop your professional relationships and reputation.
  • The continuity of a community. You can learn and network by going to various conferences, but developing a practice together requires the continuity of a community.
  • Leverage knowledge and resources. There is no need to reinvent the wheel when others already have knowledge and resources. Members save time finding out about cutting-edge issues, software tools, and new approaches through organized and edited access to latest developments in research and practice.
  • Depth and breadth. Join practice groups on topics you personally care about, but do so in the context of broader community addressing related topics. The community weaves the practice groups into a single learning system.
  • Legitimacy and authority. Your participation in a prestigious community confers legitimacy to your own work. When you speak to management, colleagues and clients, your voice reflects the experience and authority of the whole community.

Above all, you will join a broad group of practitioners and thought leaders who are coming together to learn how to make communities of practice a key to the success of organizations in all sectors.

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