Foundations of Communities of Practice Workshop Schedule Overview

The workshop lasts 6 weeks. Some teleconference times can be negotiated depending on the distribution of participant’s time zones.

Week 1 Community focus. We gather together to focus on social and technical aspects of “being together” in a community.  We become familiar with the workshop interface, with workshop participants, and introductory readings. John facilitates:

  1. Monday meeting: Workshop orientation and launch
  2. Community Circle for personal introductions and getting acquainted
  3. Personal Challenge– a fun task to help connect participants
  4. Settling in our personal spaces (e.g., individual logs, small group spaces, etc.)
  5. Reification and reflection: a social network map
Week 2 Domain focus. We begin our conversations on philosophy and practice in the Domain Inquiry and explore readings together. Etienne facilitates:

  1. Monday meeting: Introduction to communities of practice
  2. Working with a shared text online
  3. Opening of the Domain Inquiry discussions
  4. Begin gathering and discussing stories about communities of practice
  5. Reification and reflection: MS Word summary
Week 3 Domain focus, continued. We continue conversations on domain topics.  Begin translating into a learning agenda. Etienne facilitates:

  1. Monday meeting: continuing our conversation about communities of practice
  2. Continuation Domain Inquiry discussion: how and what have we learned?
  3. Guest Speaker (usually involves a meeting)
  4. Practice Lab Opens – story, case and project activity
  5. Project discussions: proposals, advertising and initial advising
  6. Reification and reflection: Wordle on the stories table
Week 4 Practice Focus. The focus of the week is in Practice Lab activities. Practice lab activities facilitated by Bronwyn:

  1. Monday meeting: Project organization and promotion
  2. Practice Lab work – stories, cases and projects activity (consultation with Etienne?)
  3. Optional Field Trip: TBA
  4. Reification and reflection: Community facilitator status report
Week 5 Practice Focus, continued. The focus is in the Practice Lab. Practice Lab activities facilitated by Bronwyn:

  1. Monday meeting: Synthesizing learning in projects
  2. Practice Lab work – stories, cases and projects activity
  3. Project groups opportunity for consultation with Etienne
  4. Guest speaker(may involve a meeting)
  5. Reification and reflection: Team leader reports
Week 6 Combining a Practice and Community Focus. Project wrap-up and reflecting on our experience and transitions into new ways of being together. Work in project teams and as a community as Bronwyn and John facilitate:

  1. Monday meeting: Preparation for the week. Project status updates & preparation.
  2. Wrap-up of community activities with reflections
  3. CPsquare field trip activity (TBA)
  4. Closing Circle postings and discussions of where we go from here.