Foundations runs on Monday

We’re launching the Foundations of Communities of Practice Workshop starting Monday September 13.  Registration is open through Monday morning.

The conversations, projects, ideas and experiences we share in the workshop always reflect the field as it evolves.  So the workshop is always new in many ways.  Workshop participants and mentors always bring new issues and new settings that are fascinating.  As one mentor (who is from New York) said in a meeting with the workshop organizers today, “It’s so great that the participant roster is so international!  Not dominated by Americans.”

Of course the workshop design is constantly evolving, too.  A couple of our current innovations / experiments are:

  • Reading a text carefully together and interleaving comments and questions in a Google Doc.  We tie that text and and those comments to the more open-ended and meandering conversations that we have in our forum spaces.
  • We consciously try to keep a community of practice philosophy and a community cultivation practice thread running through the entire workshop.  What would we do without one or the other?  How does one inform the other?  What tensions do we notice between the two?
  • We have always worked on designing good ways to participate in the workshop and reflecting on those ways collectively.  Recently we have been experimenting with new ways of capturing (or reifying) that participation as a reciprocal design perspective.  Each week we try to demonstrate a summarization technique or technology that communities can usefully apply.

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