SEEDING 2.0 launching this week

We are about to launch the SEEDING 2.0 conference. We have rich and varied cases to look at together:

8/20: The Community Seeding 2.0 Conference overview and framework

8/20: Kathleen Anderson on a “traditional” case

8/23: Caren Levine & Lisa Colton: Social Media Bootcamp

8/24: June Holley, Nancy White, and John Smith: a Network Weaving Community

8/25: Bronwyn Stuckey and John Smith: Tech stewardship workshop

8/26: LaDonna Coy: Subtstance abuse prevention communities in Oklahoma and Kansas

8/27: Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach: Experience and research with teachers communities

8/31: Josien Kapma: training trajectory for GUUS/LNV/vrouwen van n.

To help us handle the richness, we have these provocative propositions to consider:

  • Forums and email lists unconsciously shaped our thinking about communities
  • Communities need “a place” to identify with
  • A community’s topic can be known in advance, otherwise why cultivate?
  • Membership in a community should be identified in advance
  • It’s best to build a platform so they will come
  • Practices for “Being Together” can be taught or changed after the other elements of a community are set
  • Forming a community requires a certain amount of privacy, don’t do it in public

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