October 19th Meeting in Copenhagen around AoIR and EPIC 2008

CPsquare has been organizing informal gatherings since it came into existence: http://cpsquare.org/category/events/face-to-face/

In connection with the AoIR 9 and EPIC 2008 conferences (which are quite different but happen at exactly the same times), we expect to meet for a day of conversation somewhere in Copenhagen on Sunday, October 19 from early morning (9 am or so) to late afternoon, followed by dinner. We may ask for a financial contribution from participants, depending on where we meet and how many of us there are. Generally we use an “open space” format, adapted to meet the needs of an ongoing community (we do some planning in advance, but decide the details on the spot). We always try to share back what we talked about and learned, but it’s a very informal process.

There are a handful of CPsquare folks who are presenting papers, panels, round-tables, etc. at the AoIR 9 Conference. A future blog posting will list them.

CPsquare’s password protected Web Crossing space is at: http://conversations.cpsquare.org/P/CP2aoir08 . We’ll use it for:

  • posting arrival & departure times in Copenhagen
  • working out lodging plans (sharing rooms, staying nearby each other, figuring out directions)
  • planning our time together (beginning Tuesday night October 14)
  • figuring out where to meet on October 19

Our Web Crossing space is open to:

  • all CPsquare members
  • anyone who’s identified themselves or expressed interest in joining us. Send an email to John Smith or use the “Ask a question” form on the main CPsquare website: http://cpsquare.org/contact/ to get access if you don’t already have access.

We’ll use cp2aoir08 to tag resources, photos, tweets, etc.: http://delicious.com/tag/cp2aoir08

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